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Conquer Online Client 5909

Conquer Online Client 5909


License: Free
Downloads: 165,111
Operating Systems: Windows2000/XP/98/ME, Vista
Time Added: 2014-06-19
MD5: 6d7bcd06ffb1f177864cca2f44fba43c
Category: Client

Description of Conquer Online

For the first time in history, the five Kingdoms of mythological China band together against their common enemies. A storm is brewing in the darkest reaches of the land, bringing monstrous enemies out of their dens, calling the dead from their rest, and fueling the fires of war. From the Wind Plains come Taoist priests, who wield the magics of fire and water. From the emerald glades of the Phoenix Forest come arrow-slinging Archers. Out of the northern Deserts ride the dust devil Trojans, who dual-wield their curved weapons. From the reaches of the mighty Mountains come the foreboding Warriors. And in the future, another dark character may be joining us....

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Open the seed file, it should bring up the BT protocol program and start downloading the Game Client.

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Game Information

Client : 4
Latest Patches : 304
All-In-One Patch : 48
Patches : 627
Wallpapers : 381
Smilies&Avatars : 6
Flash Games : 8
Videos : 130
Musics : 4
Others : 0
Latest Patches for Mac : 220
All-In-On Patch for Mac : 1
Patches for Mac : 76
Client for Mac : 1

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