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PC Patch 5779

PC Patch 5779


License: Free
Downloads: 11
Operating Systems: Windows2000/XP/98/ME, Vista
Time Added: 2013-09-05
Category: Latest Patches

Description of Conquer Online

The Wanted II From Sept. 5th - 16th, bounty hunters are needed, once again! Hints will be given that lead you to the target monster, which will give you packs named after the monster you killed. Also, a mysterious man will show up to collect specific packs, and reward the first 50 players who hand in the right packs! Don't miss out on this fun event! Server Merge Constellation: Server Leo/Pisces -> Aquarius/Aries The above servers will be inaccessible during the merge. After the merge is complete, the Aquarius/Aries/Leo/Pisces server will hold a bonus event! Details will be posted on the official website, as they become available. Group Merge Celebrities will be merged with Region, after the maintenance. Servers in each group will not be affected. Bug Fixes 800 Study Points will be added to the description for studying the sub-class, "Performer".

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Game Information

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All-In-One Patch : 48
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Videos : 130
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