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HOMM Patch 1300

HOMM Patch 1300


License: Free
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Operating Systems: Windows2000/XP/98/ME, Vista
Time Added: 2011-06-23
MD5: eff0eb9389d289af10bb23b48b13d391
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Description of HOMM Online

We are pleased to announce that Patch 1300 will be released on June 24th, after a 3 hour maintenance till 12:00. Note: Before you install the patch, please make sure that you have completely exited the client, or you will fail to update the client successfully. Highlights of Patch 1300 Update PK Tournament, Arena: 1. Extreme PK Tournament is opened! The extreme PK Tournament is held on every Sunday night at 8:00. 2. The Max Rank allowed by Limited PK Tournament is changed to Captain. The command you gained from Alignment Challenge will not be counted in Limited PK Tournament. 3. The command of the hero with lower level will be counted in the Limited PK Tournament 4. The PVP rule is changed: When a hero only has summoned creatures in the combat, he will be determined as the loser. 5. The honor points will be used to decide whether a hero is qualified to have a Honorary Statue. The Honorary Statue will be updated once a week. Guild Related: 1. New Guild structure released, the Anima Recharger. 2. New Guild structure released, the Training Camp for Conflux. 3. Only the Guild Leader and the Deputy Leader can expel a member. Creature Related 1. A new race: Conflux is released. 2. Ultimate creature is released. Creature specialty is released. It will cost you a skill rest to forget a creature specialty. 3. The attributes of some creatures are changed. Quest Related 1. Zone Quests have been released! 2. Conflux prestige quest has been released. You can learn more from the official site. 3. Hero Specialty Point quests have been released. You can learn more from the official site. 4. Change the quest flow of the newbie quest. Change the location of some NPC in Harmondale. 5. Horse Racing has been released. 6. Trivia Contest has been released. 7. If your Harmondale prestige reaches level 5, you can get the tile: Wing of Freedom. Others 1. Extend the Sub Town and VIP Sub Town. 2. Each race can Rebirth for up to 9 times. 3. Skill Reset has been changed to stackable. 4. Optimize the team battle system: The creatures each member in the team confronts are decided by the commend of each member in the team. 5. Change on the battlefield: The Enemy Hero in the battlefield can only be revive for 10 times. 6. The tokens used to enter the PK Tournament will be redeemed. Right click it and you will receive some experiences. 7. Magic Fountain and the Teleport Scroll have been delisted.

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